crazy_toffee (crazy_toffee) wrote,

Naruto fic: Natural Talent (SasuNaru, NC-17)

Title: Natural Talent
Gift For: trycicle
Pairing: Naruto/Sasuke
Warning(s): Heavy swearing and ... TALENTLESS smut. Post time-skip.
Genre: blatant smut Comedy? Porn?
Rating: NC-17
Word Length: 2.339
Summary: Naruto and Sasuke try new things, and attempt to be very macho about it… (or should I say childish?)
Author’s comment: This was done for the naruto_rabu fic-exchange, in a bit of a pinch. ^^U All in all, I thought the request was great! trycicle asked for Sasuke and Naruto to have ‘first time awkward sex’… and to be men in the way they went about it. And this is how it came out …

Natural Talent

It wasn’t that they had never considered it up until then. Naruto, at least, had been plagued by the idea for quite a while. But Sasuke’s return from Sound had been both untimely and complicated; there was no time to linger on something as banal as…that.

To Naruto, however, there was nothing banal concerning this matter; he merely pushed it to the back of his mind to avoid the problems it would bring. After all, how was one supposed to approach something like this?

Sasuke-bastard… I… want to fuck you.

Or something that came close to it… very, very close.


It was problematic. Frankly, Naruto would have been much happier to have discovered his constant, frisky dreams were about any girl whatsoever, than to finally admit to himself that he was lusting after Sasuke. Sadly – Naruto thought – some things in his life would always tend towards unluckiness and disaster… the things that included Sasuke most of all.

And since he came back we’ve managed to become friends… or barely-friends… this would be… this is… just fucked up.

So he’d dropped the matter. Naruto knew better than to count his blessings and he was fine with having Sasuke back. He was fine with the mere possibility of them being friends again… and with having someone to spar with that came close to his own beastly power levels. Anything more would have meant that their relationship might change yet again, and they’d both had enough change, enough strife in their short lives for Naruto to want to risk it.

And that had been his position on the matter.

… until Sasuke came onto him.

Which is, when you think about it… even more fucked up than my wanting a way into his pants.

Not that things had gone quite smoothly either…

* * *

Naruto pushed Sasuke away roughly and gasped for air. He coughed once and gave Sasuke a dark glare. “You call that kissing?”

Sasuke snorted. “Like you could do better?”

“The hell? What the HELL was that anyway?” Naruto demanded, rubbing his mouth clean with the back of his sleeve out of pure reflex.

Sasuke gave him a dark glare that, somehow, transformed into a self-satisfied little smirk. “I’ve seen the way you look at me.”

“The way I look at you?”

“You want me to fuck you.” Sasuke crossed his arms over his chest, the very picture of superiority.

Naruto’s mouth worked open and then closed, like a drowning fish. “….WHAT? I do NOT want you to fuck me!”

“Yeah, right… face it Uzumaki.” Sasuke easily dodged the kunai Naruto aimed at his head. It sank into the plaster with a nasty thunk!

“I haven’t got the slightest intention of letting you go ANYWHERE near my ass, bastard!”

“Hard to believe, from the way you ogled me at the bathhouse. Admit it,” Sasuke prodded. “You want me.”

Now that smirk is just… downright freaky.

So much for protecting their strange relationship from unwanted changes. So much for having the old Sasuke back. After his defection, Sasuke had become… different. But knowing that had in no way prepared Naruto for a Sasuke that smirked as he declared that Naruto wan--- no, just… no. But lying about it wouldn’t work either, Sasuke could read his poor attempts at subterfuge with little or no effort.

Naruto crossed his arms and frowned murderously. “… okay, so you’re not an ugly sight. Than doesn’t mean I’m just going to bend over and let you pound my ass!”

Sasuke raised a sceptical eyebrow. “Oh… so you want to have kiddie-sex?” Sasuke’s laugh was low and mocking. “Mutual handjobs?”

Naruto swallowed, squashing down the sudden jolt he got from that image. Kiddie-sex? Kiddie-sex his grandmother! “Hell no! You’re the one who’s going to bend over and take it like a bitch.” And just how far had Sasuke gone in Sound? Had he even dated? Or was this purely red-lantern district experience, and if it was…?

“Take it… like a bitch?” Sasuke demanded in a deadly hiss, eyes lightening to the colour of blood.

Naruto laughed the threatening stare off and smiled savagely. “What else did you expect, Uchiha?” I’m taller than you, bastard!

“And what makes you think I even want to have sex with you?” Sasuke demanded coldly.

Naruto laughed in his face and dodged the kunai Sasuke aimed at his face. “I dunno… perhaps because YOU brought this up?”

Sasuke opened his mouth to retort but Naruto stopped any further complaints he might have had with a long, lingering kiss. Sasuke even leaned into him and Naruto almost crowed in triumph, but he was quite distracted by Sasuke’s response… and a little weirded out by the knowledge that he could feel Sasuke’s teeth with his tongue. Weirded out, yes… but he could certainly get used to---

Sasuke pushed him away, spitting fitfully. “Ugh… you kiss like a girl! And by the gods, did you have to slobber me all over like that?”

Slobber? Naruto’s mind screeched. Like a girl!? “You BASTARD!”

“Ugh…” Sasuke continued, for emphasis, rubbing his mouth clean. “That was one lousy kiss.”

“Your kissing is just as sucky, bastard,” Naruto groused, unwilling to admit that he’d really, really enjoyed their lousy making out, regardless of how messy it had been. Damnit, he had Sasuke’s saliva in his mouth now.

Not going there, nopes. Not at all.

“Like you had any frame of reference for it.” Sasuke snorted again, derisively, as though reading Naruto’s momentary lapse.

Naruto held back the snarl that wanted to climb up his throat. He also kept himself from jumping onto Sasuke and showing just how far he could bend his bastardly back and spread his… “And who have you kissed anyway? Kabuto? Orochimaru? …Your own ass?”

“Ha-ha. How amusing. And you? Did you ever get Sakura to even look at you?”

“Hey, I’m no virgin! Unlike someone in this room.”

Sasuke didn’t take the bait. “So you got a pity fuck?”

“You bastard…

And in the end, they were both too busy fighting over their sexual prowess – or lack of it – to realise that they had pretty much admitted to what they really wanted from each other.

Not that it made the next step any easier.

* * *

“I can’t believe we’re deciding it like this.”

“Bastard, I’m not surrendering my ass without a fight!”

“Then let’s go and fight for it, goddamnit!”

“… kinky, but no. Thanks.”

Sasuke sighed irritably. “And you call THIS ‘settling it like men’?”

“Yeah, so let the lesser man be the one to get anything stuffed where the sun don’t shine.”

Sasuke groaned in dismay. “Oh for crying out loud! What kind of mood are you trying to set here?”

“Mood?” Naruto scoffed incredulously. “You’re trying to set a mood? A friggin’ mood? …like… flowers and candles and all that crap?”

Sasuke closed his eyes and muttered something obscene under his breath. “Okay, whatever. Let’s do it.”
Sasuke pulled his hand back.

“Fine,” Naruto snapped, mirroring the movement.


“---Paper! Paper! I win? Oh, YES! I WIN! IN YOUR FACE BASTARD!”

Sasuke scowled darkly, glaring daggers at his own hand. “Laugh all you want. That I even got to considering sex with you proves that my life is barren.”

“Boo-hoo-hoo, poor little Sasuke-chan’s tale of woes.”

“You complete and utter LOSS of oxygen! Why are you even---“

That, Naruto had appropriately judged, was a good time to practice their kissing some more.

* * *

So they could work a bit more on their foreplay as well. What of it?

Naruto hummed some odd song under his breath and moved his hand gently. Sasuke sucked in a sharp breath and turned his head sideways, burying his cheek into the pillow. Naruto frowned faintly. “Still hurts?”


“More oil?”

Yes,” Sasuke growled, disinclined to set ANY mood at that moment in time.

Naruto complied and carefully moved his fingers again, slowly. It felt funny, soft and slick with all the oil he’d used and… he could certainly picture how that tight grip would feel on his cock – a thought that came with a rather pleasant throb of anticipation – but he also couldn’t help thinking about what he was doing.

I mean, I have my fingers up his… up Sasuke’s… and that’s…

Not such a sexy thought, if he got clinical about it. Which he wasn’t. He so wasn’t going to think about that, not at all.

“Get on with it, will you?”

Naruto sighed at Sasuke’s sharp tone and moved his fingers sideways a bit. He had read – because yes, he HAD read up on this a bit – that it was supposed to feel good.

Sasuke didn’t look like he was enjoying it very much.

I’m sooo glad it’s him and not me. Way past time HE got skewered for once.

Sasuke had once stuck his hand into Naruto’s chest, it was totally fair for Naruto to---

Okay, maybe not… but still!

“Naruto, will you stop stalling and actually get on wit---fuck!” Sasuke’s complaint was cut off abruptly as he arched his back, startling them both, and groaned. Naruto blinked, confused, and moved his hand again in the same fashion. Sasuke’s eyes closed briefly, breath rushing out past his lips in an unsteady and shallow hiss.


It didn’t feel any different, it actually felt pretty much the same as the rest of Sasuke’s int--- no, not going there. It just didn’t feel different, but the more Naruto repeated the motion, the more Sasuke reacted. It almost made him wonder… almost.

“…fuck…” Sasuke repeated in a thin voice. He sounded just as surprised as Naruto was.

And it was almost funny… or at the very least interesting. Very interesting. There was something Naruto hadn’t projected he’d feel in the sight of Sasuke rocking into his motions, panting; and to know that he was doing that to the bastard was even sexier. It made Naruto’s already achy erection kick up a fuss inside his mind.

So what if he had fingers up Sasuke’s ass? Who would have thought the bastard would look so good with that flush on his cheeks and not enough air in his lungs?

“Fuck, Naruto, do something!” Definitively not a plea… more like an order. But Naruto was pretty sure that ‘something’ didn’t include taking his hand out right now. Or maybe it did?

But then I’d have to find that spot all over again with my… er… is that even possible?

Sasuke groaned again, sticking his left heel into the mattress and Naruto figured--- he figured---

Bah… whatever.

Sasuke looked nice like that, and it turned out that he enjoyed making Sasuke look like that. So why the hell not?

Naruto scooted closer and leaned down to put his mouth over Sasuke’s erection. He wasn’t quite, quite sure of how this was supposed to go, but he remembered reading that he shouldn’t use his teeth. An experimental lick got him a nicely emphatic reaction. Naruto considered for a moment and then pressed up with his fingers where Sasuke was so keen on and took the head into his mouth, and sucked. Sasuke stopped breathing altogether for a moment… then he let go of a long, shaky breath and---

“Fuck! Ewwww!”

Sasuke stared up at the ceiling and rolled his eyes.

“You could have warned me!”

Sasuke smirked.

* * *

“Faster, damnit!--- no, not SO FAST--- and not so SLOW! ARGH! Do you even know how to do this? You have got to be the worse--- I mean… worst…uh… huh…. Aw… fuck, yes---”

“How verbose.”

“Shut… up… and… uh…”

“Keep moving my hand?”

Naruto decided that didn’t merit and answer. He turned his face and stifled a moan. Gods that felt good. Not incredible, but good. Sasuke could certainly improve in this area--- and why was he slowing down?

“The hell?”

Sasuke sped up again.

“Don’t experiment on me!”

“You had your hand up my ASS a while ago and you dare to say that?”


Sasuke muttered something under his breath again and moved the pace up a little. Naruto gasped hoarsely and scrabbled for a hold over Sasuke’s short. Gods, we’re were still mostly dressed? Well, fuck that. “Shit.. yes, fuck…” He clenched his hand on Sasuke’s shirt and closed his eyes.

Oh please… damnit, almost, almost… there… fuck… lousy bastard… just… ah...


A snort. “Finally.”

Naruto didn’t bother himself with a reply. He licked his lips and savoured the last throb of sensation with all his might. He had earned it, after all. When he opened his eyes again, it was to see Sasuke wipe his hand on the sheets with a frown of disgust. Naruto couldn’t quite contain a snort. “You prissy ass.”

“At least you seemed to enjoy it,” Sasuke snarked back with a superior grin.

Naruto actually laughed in his face. “Enjoy it? That was the LOUSIEST hand-job ever. And I mean, as in, EVER, in HISTORY!” He couldn’t help laughing when he saw Sasuke’s startled, pale face.

“Then why are you so happy if it was so incredibly bad?” Sasuke demanded, in a voice that promised violence.

Naruto wiped tears of laughter from his eyes. “Because Uchiha fucking Sasuke is a lousy lay! Can you imagine what would happen if your fanclub found out?”

“They’d probably have an aneurysm when they figured out how you know it,” Sasuke pointed out, acidly. Naruto guffawed helplessly.

“The order of events doesn’t alter this result, bastard.”

Sasuke seemed to consider this – to actually consider it – before he gave Naruto an almost reptilian smile. “But practice makes perfect, doesn’t it?”

* * *

So their relationship did change a little bit.

Just a little bit, really. They still bickered, fought, trained and got told off by Sakura… except that they now bickered and fought and trained in bed as well. So much for protecting their friendship, Naruto mused.

And so much for Sasuke being good at everything.

The End

Okay… not the best thing I’ve written, but I kind of like the end result. It was fun to play around with just HOW awkward it could get for those two, without going into full-blown angst-mode.

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